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Fiddle and Burn:

The Adventures of Coyote Man and Other Stories


Part comedy. Part soap opera.

A fiction blog. A serialized sit-com.

A daily comic strip in prose.

When Rantz takes a job as Circulation Director of Fiddle and Burn: Guide to Fandom Magazine, he hauls his family to a new home. None of them realizes that this will lead to one bizarre adventure after another.

There's an epic struggle to throw away an old garbage can.

There are embarrassing incidents involving a very rude laptop computer.

There's a heroic quest to overcome parental objections and acquire an upgraded version of a violent computer game.

There are profound metaphysical breakthroughs revealed in the dentist's chair.

And, running through all the story lines, there's the strange figure of Coyote Man - Is he a noble superhero who defends the suburbs from vicious villains?  Or is he a sad old man who lives in a dream world inside his head?  It's a tale both comic and tragic, inspiring and pathetic.  Some might even say...  quixotic.

Whether it's comic book and science fiction fandom, the publishing industry or modern American family life, Fiddle and Burn squeezes out the humor and delivers it in easily digestible bite sized doses.

Podcast Special:  Now including 75% more silly voices performed by the author!

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The End - For Now!

Now that the epic of Coyote Man is over, Fiddle and Burn will be taking a temporary hiatus.

We’ll be back soon with Fiddle and Burn - Vol. 2 - The Serial Killers.

Meanwhile, check out the Podcasts!

Thanks for reading.



For older episodes, please visit the ARCHIVE.


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