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Fiddle and Burn

Part comedy. Part soap opera.

A fiction blog. A serialized sit-com.

A daily comic strip in prose.

It's the continuing adventures of the staff of Fiddle and Burn Magazine.



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Long Limbed Tales

If you enjoy Fiddle and Burn, you might also wish to sample one or two LONG LIMBED TALES. Told in the style of the Brothers Grimm, the methods and techniques of these stories are old but the scenery and characters are as modern as the latest web browser.


Shakespeare's Sonnets

A buddy of mine, who has been advised to remain anonymous, drank a bit too much and got into a barroom brawl.  Now he’s been ordered by the courts to participate in a program designed to use poetry to make violent offenders more sensitive.  He has to read a collection of famous verse and talk about what it means to him.  I’m lending a hand by hosting the Podcast – Some Guy From New York Reads Shakespeare’s Sonnets.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

My reading of L. Frank Baum's classic childrens novel.


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